About Meiveda

MEIVEDA is an Ayurvedic Beach Resort. Located on the fabled Chavakkadu beach in Kerala, India, set amidst 4 acres of green lawns, gardens, surrounded by pristine beaches. Early morning Yoga on the beaches help wash away the stresses of life and heal the mind and body. Meditation will help you to quiet the restless mind, help you to commune with the inner being and Ayurveda will cleanse your body.

The Resort

07 villas are set in 04 acres of lush Coconut Groves by the sea. The BEACH is just a few minutes walk from the villas with wonderful views of the sea and the coconut grove. The villas are beautifully designed in an eco friend atmosphere. All the buildings are designed according the traditional Kerala architectural style.


18 years of experience in Hotel and Ayurvedic resort management.