Places to Visit

Athirappilly Falls

Athirappilly is famous among tourists. Athirappilly Falls is one of the best places to visit in Kerala. Another popular waterfall to visit is the Vazhachal Falls. Athirappilly Falls is a part of Chalakudy River and it is approximately 80 feet in height. Athirappilly is easily reachable from Chalakudy by taking a vehicle for rent l. roper precautions are taken on site to prevent mishaps while swimming and a police camp is always positioned there.

Gruruvayur Elephant Race

The Gruruvayur Utsavam begins with Aanayottam, starting from Manjulal and ending at the flag staff. Religiously, Utsavam begins with the giving of koora (cloth) and pavithram (ring made of kusa grass) to the Tantri. In ancient times, the permission for the festival was taken from Pura koyma , Vanneri Nambidi and Kantiyur Pattar. The elephants run from Manjulal, (the banyan tree half a kilometer away from the eastern entrance to the temple) enter the temple, take 7 rounds and touch

Guruvayoor Elephant Sanctuary

The Devaswom maintains a unique elephant sanctuary, the only one of its kind in the World. It has 51 elephants now. These jumbos are the offerings of the devotees to the Lord. A large number of pilgrims and tourists visit this fascinating spot every day. In this vast compound, there are road facilities for pilgrims and tourists to go around. The present elephant sanctuary is in Punnathur Kotta about 3 kms north of Guruvayur temple.

Chettuva Backwater Boating

At night reflections of their little lamps cross each other drawing endless ephemeral images. A hanging bridge, floating restaurant, swimming pool, yoga centre and jogging track are at your disposal. In the evening you can row yourself in a country boat past the mangroves to the surrounding villages or with go fishing with fishing rods or try out the Chinese fishing net. A luxurious three bedroom Kashmiri house boat build with the scented Devdar wood and a two bedroom Kerala house boat are also available

Sakthan Palace Thrissur

Actual name of Sakthan Thampuran was Raja Rama Varma (1751-1805). He was a king of Cochin and his palace was in Thrissur, central Kerala, south India. Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala and Sakthan Thampuran is the very architect of Thrissur.Thrissur Pooram was introduced by him. His palace is located in the heart of Thrissur town and has several well-preserved materials and galleries. The palace is usually known as Vadakkekara Palace, it was reconstructed in Kerala-Dutch style in 1795.

Chavakkad Beach

Chavakkad Beach is very popular tourist area and shooting location. Whole part of pilgrims of Guruvayur visits.The beaches at Chavakkad present an awesome sight.

Kerala Kalamandalam

Kerala Kalamandalam is a major center for learning Indian Performing Arts especially those that developed in the Indian state of Kerala. It is situated in the village of Cheruthuruthy in Thrissur district near the banks of Bharathapuzha River. It was founded in 1930 by late poet Vallathol Narayana Menon and Manakkulam Mukunda Raja. Kalamandalam imparts training in classical dance and theater forms Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Kudiyattam, Thullal, Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, NangiarKoothu, and traditional orchestra Panchavadyam. Training is also given in various percussion instruments like Chenda,Maddalam,and Mizhavu. Kalamandalam follows the Gurukula system of education, the ancient Indian education system. The institution awards noted performers with awards. Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar has been the only recipient of its Suvarna Mudra (gold medal) so far

Palayur Church

In 52 A.D. Thomas Didaemus, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. is believed to have landed at Musiris (Cranganore) in Kerala. He made his first converts both Jews and Hindus at Palayur a town now in Trichur district, Kerala. There he built a small church with an altar, which he consecrated. This is supposed to be the oldest church in India. St. Thomas later moved to the east coast.And settled in Madras (now Chennai) in 64 A.D. after having travelled all the way to China. Back in Chennai the apostle is said to have stayed at what was then a village where the present zone of Malaprop is located

Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur Pooram is the most colorful temple festival of Kerala. Thrissur Pooram attracts large masses of devotees and spectators from all parts of the State and even outside. Celebrated in Medom (April-May) it consists of processions of richly caparisoned elephants from various neighboring temples to the Vadakumnathan temple, Thrissur. The most impressive processions are those from the Krishna Temple at Thiruvambadi and the Devi Temple at Paramekkavu which is quite a significantevent for its devotees.